Power Bites


When the Mrs. and I decided to try the whole Paleo thing, one of the first things on our agenda was finding a few quality snacks to replace our old habits of chips and whatever carby junk food happened to be laying around. We do a ton of jerky and nuts these days, but Power Bites have proven themselves to be a staple.

Easy to make, easy to store, easy to grab a couple on the way out the door or enjoy as a post-dinner dessert without going FULL BLOWN SUGAR MODE ENGAGE. If you don’t like these, there’s something wrong with your insides. You should look into getting a new set of tastebuds. A tastebud transplant. I’m sure there’s a doctor in California that’d do that for you.


• 2 Cups raw mixed nuts (not roasted, no salt); We normally use Brazil nuts, walnuts, pecans, cashews, and hazel nuts. You can also add sesame seeds, quinoa, dried fruit, basically whatever is small and tickles your fancy

• 1 Scoop vanilla whey protein

• ½ Cup creamy almond butter

• Organic honey, we get ours from the local farmer’s market

• Shredded organic coconut

• Pink or grey sea salt (way tastier than the refined white stuff and better for you)

• Cinnamon

• Just a few chocolate chips (mandatory. If you can’t enjoy the little things in life…)


1. Blend nuts until in pretty small pieces

2. Stir in scoop of whey protein in large bowl

3. Fold in almond butter and honey just until it starts to form a more solid mixture. Too much honey will make them too sticky and cause them to lose shape. If this happens, no worries, just freeze them so they harden up.

4. Add handful of coconut, a few dashes of cinnamon, and handful of chocolate chips. Preferably use somebody who has big hands for this part.

5. Roll dough into about 1 inch balls. Place in a dish, lightly salt and sprinkle a few more dashes of cinnamon and coconut flakes on the top.

6. Freeze or refrigerate until they harden up a bit. Voila, Power Bites!


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