Indian Creek Fifties Race Report

12107908_10153368973602917_8806593474424009179_nPanda Thoughts From Colorado:

1) It is not possible in Kansas to train for 6 miles of straight steep uphill. Ok, maybe on a stairclimber for ever and ever, but who the hell wants to do that?

2) It is not possible in Kansas to train for 6 miles of straight steep downhill.

3) Even a little altitude is enough to steal the top two gears you’re used to having.

4) Colorado runners are a completely different level than flatlanders.

5) The scenery, trails, and courses are stunningly beautiful…

6) …but also incredibly remote, so you couldn’t DNF if you wanted to. Suck it up and keep going, buttercup

7) You always have more left in the tank than you think you do.

8) It really really really sucks to run 10 miles to the aid station only to discover they have no water left and only a handful of chips, so you consider mixing Tailwind with ginger ale, grab a handful of chips and a brown banana and go.

9) 50k sometimes really equals 56k.

10) Making a new running friend over 25 miles is awesome, even if she’s clearly dogging it to stick behind with your flatlander ass.

11) Mountain muscles are a whole different ballgame than flatland muscles.

12) I’m never walking a hill in Kansas again.

13) I love Colorado and am depressed to leave the mountains.

14) It was a marvelous weekend that I’d do again in a heartbeat…after lots more strength training and hill repeats.

15) My ass, hips, and quads say hi.

16) I didn’t quit. I didn’t DNF. It was slow, it was ugly, it hurt, and it got rough, but I didn’t quit. That’s the one thing I’m proud of this weekend and will take into the next race.

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