A Winter Saga


What’s this?!? I’ve just received a phone call about a damsel in distress! Time to suit up, mount the War Camel and ride to the damsel’s rescue!

21608691_10152030654432917_888074760_nSnow Puppy says “Go forth! Rescue the Distressed Damsel and return her to me so I may snuggle and cause her great warmth!”


Prepared to head into snowy battle to rescue Distressed Damsel! Quick, to the War Camel!

41743269_10152030661007917_443004499_nAh, mighty War Camel! We’ve been through so much together. Let us tally ho and once more into the great expanse! Hurry, Distressed Damsel awaits!

51801078_10152030663537917_1502834495_nThe Maw is gaping and treacherous. This task will not be easily accomplished!

61579734_10152030669182917_2012324802_nThe journey proves most treacherous and dangerous!


A stranded traveler appears! No time for rescue, we must reach the Distressed Damsel!

81781713_10152030682077917_690802080_nHark! The Distressed Damsel’s noble stead! Buried in these foul conditions, hopefully the Damsel is safely inside!


No signs of life. Can it be that our poor Distressed Damsel has perished? Am I too late?!?


Oh huzzah! The Distressed Damsel is safe and sound! Quickly, we must ferry her to warmth and safety!


“But wait!”, says Distressed Damsel!
“We can’t leave my trusty stead! Please, Noble Sir, you must save her!”


What manner of foul evil black magic is this?!? Distressed Damsel’s noble steed appears to be powered by some form of futuristic steam engine!!! However will this steed back coaxed back into service?!?


The War Camel helpfully suggests through a nudge of her head that perhaps these arcane wiring contraptions we discovered on another adventure can prove useful here!


The War Camel playfully rolls over. Much to my surprise, it appears my noble steed has long been powered by the same dark magic as Distressed Damsel’s ride! How long have these secrets been kept from me? What a marvelous turn of fortune and luck!


My War Camel carefully nudges towards Distressed Damsel’s noble steed. A connection appears. War Camel begins violently raring up and flaring her nostrils!


Distressed Damsel calms War Camel from her place of great warmth and comfort, while helpfully offering suggestions and calming words towards her injured steed.


After much bucking and neighing, Distressed Damsel’s noble steed breathes the cold crisp air of life! A few circular victory laps are soon taken!


“Hooray!”, Distressed Damsel proclaims! “She’s alive!”
“Let us ride forth and return to our Palace of Great Warmth!”, I exclaim.


“Lead on, milady! I’ll follow closely behind and ensure your security on our excursion home through the deep and snowy valley!”


Meanwhile, Snow Puppy waits with baited breath. “Oh, I do hope that my Humans return soon! I require great nourishment!”


Huzzah! Distressed Damsel’s trusty steed rests safe and sound in her stable! A woolen blanket and brush down prove to be most restorative.


Snow Puppy greets Distressed Damsel with a bevy of affectionate kisses and tail wags! “I’m so glad you’ve returned! I implore you, feed me immediately!”


“A simple affectionate kiss on the cheek is the only payment I require, milady. Surely one of your great beauty wouldn’t turn down such a mild and simple request from a wayward and frigid traveler!”


But in a sudden and unexpected act of cunning, our Hero turns his head and tricks the Damsel, thieving a kiss as his reward! His treachery is soon forgiven, and all becomes well.


Safe, sound, snuggly, and warm, the Ladies of the House grant their audience a smile! Hot cocoa and dog food for all!

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